The story of Spirit

The life of Spirit really embodies the message it conveys; trusting that things will always get better no matter how dire the situation may seem. It was originally written years before its release in a moment of inspiration, with no singer to sing it, or audience to listen to it, and it had to wait, through countless projects and re-recordings. Then, at the beginning of 2020 it found its place, as one of the 4 songs to start the band Slim Blue.

The track itself is really driven by big 12 string guitar chords and Georgina's vocal performance, backed by Charlotte's harmonies that were purely spur of the moment additions. It was recorded in a front room in Battersea, London, after I'd lugged all of my studio gear down south to begin work on our first ever recordings. Just three days later we had to rush to pack everything up and flee the capital to avoid being trapped there as the pandemic hit.

On the drive back to Chester (our home town), with all the studio gear we had just recorded on in the boot, we just played what we had so far of Spirit over and over on the radio to see if it sounded right, and if it was the sound we were looking for.

Now back in Chester, and faced with the total collapse of the industry amid the pandemic, we decided to do what we could armed with a phone and a guitar. We took the songs we had online for a livestream performance, and to our complete surprise the set reached thousands of people in the first night, and sparked the inspiration for regular livestream performances throughout the pandemic, Spirit being a mainstay and focal point of the sets.

In October 2020, the song got it's one and only chance of the year to be played for a live audience, at the Bedford Arms in Balham, London. The same venue Ed Sheeran had recorded his live album a few years earlier. Needless to say, as the setting for our first Slim Blue appearance we were nervous, but ready, as we had waited for this for months. The set was streamed across the UK (and is still available online), during which Spirit seemed to completely silence the room, reinforcing our belief in it, and the message of the song seemed more appropriate than ever.

The recording was finally released in October of 2020 on our debut EP, and as of April 2021 is our most popular recording with over 30k streams on Spotify.


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