Where we've been, and where we are!

We’ve had the idea to start up this blog for a little while and thought it would be a great way to give you some insights into what it’s like to work as musicians right now. More specifically, how our music has come to be and continues to develop. You have really shown us more support than we could have anticipated when we had the idea to create our own sound, and so think of this as us bringing you with us.

This blog will outline how we started and how we have gotten to where we are now, with you sat reading this, hopefully having heard our first release!

When it was first rumored that the UK was going to be locked down, we had only worked as an acoustic cover duo, playing other people’s songs in pubs and small venues and had only tossed around the idea of working on some of our own songs. We had actually only just started the process of recording our own songs when we had to leave London with literally hours of notice to avoid being locked down there. If you listen to Grand Desire, Spirit and Can’t Let You Go, a lot of those parts we recorded at that time!

At first it seemed to everyone that it would only be a couple weeks that we would be locked down, and so we set a goal of finished our demo prep before we got back to normal life (ha!). As it started to become apparent that we were in this for much longer than we anticipated, we decided again to try and turn the situation to our advantage; playing our music for you in your own homes through streaming! Those of you that were at the first streams we did on Facebook and Instagram may remember how it started; prop up a phone on the table and play the few songs we had to you. We still remember the exact moment we turned off that first stream and saw that over 1,000 people had watched us! From there, we decided to do that much more often, and write more and more songs for you and for us that we could play literally days after they were finished. The fact that we were really affecting your evenings and lockdown experience is really the motivator we had to write better and better songs. Soon the streaming side blew up and we got the opportunity to play in association with some brilliant venues like the Camden Chapel and the Bedford Arms, and reach new people that we never would have otherwise.

When the lockdown began to ease and we could go back to London (the 3 weeks we expected, plus an extra 4 months later…), we had the idea to release the mainstay tracks as a recorded EP to celebrate and bookend that whole experience we went through together. That’s what this EP is really about; turning what seemed to be a hopeless situation for us into a positive and trying to bring as many people as possible along with us for the experience!

So here we are, and we want to say thank you! But we are really only just starting. We have plans to be more in contact with you than ever before, and give you more music and better quality streams and performances than we ever have, and you will see that come to be in the next weeks and months. So please enjoy our EP, get a copy for yourself or add it to your favourite playlists, and let your friends and family know what’s going on. We’ll see you very soon!

Reece and Gina

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